Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Never Fear, the Blanks are Here

I have only two more of my demi cuffs left, they are really selling like hotcakes.  I was initially only able to get a small number of the cuff portion of the bracelets, but after scouring sources old and new, I finally stumbled upon several.  Just in time for Christmas.

 I etched each cuff blank in acid, then aged and sanded them, sealed them to prevent further aging, and formed them into cuffs.

The chains are made from hand-aged rhinestones sandwiched in between vintage silver-plated beads I strung rosary-style.  I combined them with aged brass and silver metal chains. 

On some I etched a "Latin" script which Boy 1 (who is learning Latin in school) has informed me isn't Latin at all.  Whatever.  


I etched a medieval scene with an angel and a woman....and the wannabe "Latin" again.

Each has a vintage metal tassel, metal rhinestone, and sacred medal dangling on one side.  These add great movement elements without getting in the way of your everyday movements.

I think you'll agree that these loaded cuffs are tough, edgy, and lovely all at the same time.

These cuffs are super easy to wear;  you just mold or open the cuffs a bit and it stays on the top of your wrist.  Love these beauties!

Keep a look out for them soon!


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