Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vacation's Over

Summer's winding down, the air is a little cooler, the humidity isn't as thick, and school starts next week.  Translation:  creating vacation over, jewelry making resumes.  I always think I'll be able to make more jewelry during the summer as we are on a much looser schedule, I don't have to drive kids here and there, and can stay up late in my studio making as much as I want. 

But who am I kidding?  That never happens.  What really happens is the sports practices and games kick in and we are actually in the car more visiting family.  And the boys are home all the time and the blessed mess increases exponentially.  And my word, The Star Wars Legos are EVERYWHERE.  It's like the Rebel Alliance blew the Death Star up in my family room.

I do write down the design ideas I have to come back to at a later date.  All this to say the later date has arrived and I've begun making some of the new designs.  Here's the first, I made 17 of these guys:

 Crystal, speckled, pink, brown, green, yellow, and peach jasper nuggets

Vintage copper and brass tassels, brass crosses, and old rhinestones

Vintage copper and brass etched chain 

Next up:  Edgy handmade solid brass bangless with cool dangles.  Great for layering with other bracelets for that Arm Party everyone's been talking about.

Thanks for stopping by!