Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Never Fear, the Blanks are Here

I have only two more of my demi cuffs left, they are really selling like hotcakes.  I was initially only able to get a small number of the cuff portion of the bracelets, but after scouring sources old and new, I finally stumbled upon several.  Just in time for Christmas.

 I etched each cuff blank in acid, then aged and sanded them, sealed them to prevent further aging, and formed them into cuffs.

The chains are made from hand-aged rhinestones sandwiched in between vintage silver-plated beads I strung rosary-style.  I combined them with aged brass and silver metal chains. 

On some I etched a "Latin" script which Boy 1 (who is learning Latin in school) has informed me isn't Latin at all.  Whatever.  


I etched a medieval scene with an angel and a woman....and the wannabe "Latin" again.

Each has a vintage metal tassel, metal rhinestone, and sacred medal dangling on one side.  These add great movement elements without getting in the way of your everyday movements.

I think you'll agree that these loaded cuffs are tough, edgy, and lovely all at the same time.

These cuffs are super easy to wear;  you just mold or open the cuffs a bit and it stays on the top of your wrist.  Love these beauties!

Keep a look out for them soon!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Etsy Front Page....Again!

Yay....In Small Spectacles was featured in a Treasury that made an Etsy Front Page appearance at 10:30 this morning!

Many thanks to the curator, enollah, who featured my blue salvaged chandelier crystal assemblage necklace.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Day in My Life...

Another really great show today with several In Small Spectacles repeaters which makes my heart sing.  I love it when someone likes a piece so much they come back for another....or several!  It's an honor, really.  These pictures are better than the others that were taken with a camera phone.  IPhone are great and can do a lot of things, but nothing beats a "real" camera to get the job done.   

The OOAK Salvaged Chandelier Crystal Assemblage Necklaces are dwindling fast. 

So are the etched demi-cuffs with vintage metal tassels, rhinestones, and sacred medals.

A blue enamel sacred medal with matching lapis blue stones.

Solid brass corsage bracelets:  Prom Night 24/7.

Sometimes I look at something a while and decide to "tweak" it a bit.  This time I added some Swarovski crystal rhinestone chains set in solid brass around the bezel.  Just what the doctor ordered!  

I had more room, so I was able to incorporate my dress form which my boys have affectionately named "Ruth" after my grandmother whose sewing and jewelry remnants are what I initially fiddled with and brought In Small Spectacles into existence.  One man wanted to buy the clothes!

I made a few garlands using some brown and gold sparkle tulle and added the vintage chandelier crystals I was unable to use.   

Women really love lingering over the bowl of vintage clusters.  Can't blame them.  It's fun to make a necklace yourself and that is one of a kind!

I have a week off for other creative endeavors, namely decorating for a banquet.  My next show is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I'll put out a reminder.  Until then, look for new updates because I just got a HUGE lot of vintage Japanese copper and brass tube chain and have big plans for it.  I'm also going to spruce up my work room a bit, so I'll post pictures of that as well.

As always, thanks for checking in!


Thursday, November 10, 2011


I wanted to remind you of the Randall Cooper High School Arts and Crafts Fair this Saturday, November 12, from 10-4.  This juried show started 3 years ago and has been hugely successful.   There are over 100 vendors to chose from and despite requests for the Fair to expand and increase the number of artists, the organizers have declined and been very selective about who will be featured.  I've been there since the beginning and it's one of my very favorites.  

I sold out of a lot of things at the Birds of a Feather Fair which is a great problem to have.  Don't worry, I've replenished the inventory with even more incredible vintage elements!  I remember when I first started making jewelry I would painstakingly detail and inventory every piece so I could replicate it when it sold.  I soon found my heart just wasn't into mass-producing the same exact design and presenting it as unique.  Now I just make it, photograph it, throw it up on Etsy, and move on.  Not relying too much on previous designs gets my creative juices flowing and the results make for an eclectic inventory of pieces that go well together without getting too commercially "matchy matchy."  I'd love for you to see the new pieces up close and in person.

Thanks for checking in!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Beautiful Day

It was a great day at the first of what I believe will be many Birds of a Feather Fairs.  Leslie and Misty did a fantastic job organizing this event that not only provided area residents with great shopping, but benefited a worthy cause.  And they picked wonderful artists to include in this juried show.  Everyone was incredibly talented and their crafts were unique.  There were about 5 or 6 jewelery booths, but each were so different from one another that there were plenty of choices for each shopper's tastes.  I liked Emily Peter's big 'ole rings made from old jewelry pieces so much, I had to high tail it over her way to get one for myself!  It was just a wonderful day with neat people who were all excited about their craft and the Fair. 

Ready to go....let the shopping begin! 

I so enjoy explaining the details in jewelry. 
Each piece is made with love.  

I met the loveliest people today!

So dizzy with excitement...

...that I collapsed!

Actually, that's just Boy 3 taking a picture with an iPhone.
All my boys were there to "help" as only little hands can.  But most of all, they encourage me and make my heart soar.

Don't fret if you missed it.  Most of the vendors are on Etsy and you can get their links on the Birds of a Feather Fair blog

I'll be at the Cooper High School show next Saturday and that is a really great one, also.  It has the most vendors of any of the shows I'm doing and the facilities and PTA/Students are very helpful;  it's one of my favorites.

Have a great week!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Earrings Earrings Everywhere

What woman doesn't love earrings?  Even if you're running late in the morning you still manage to find time to throw a pair on.  They are like lipstick and mulch:  they complete the look.  I have even met women who don't like to wear jewelry (apparently there are some that exist) but if they do, almost all say the only jewelry they'll wear are earrings.  Ear baubles are perfect last-minute gifts and are always well-received. 

Earrings never fail.

I tend to create the way God loaded the ark and my sons have sorted their Halloween candy:  by kind.  I go on necklace-making sprees or a week focused on bracelets.  Today was The Day of Earrings.  In between laundry, refereeing several wrestling matches in the Playroom, and chauffeuring The Boys around town, I made some earrings and listed them in the Etsy Shop:

These would be great bridal earrings.  So pretty and feminine. 


 Crystalline Green earrings.  The next best thing to real emeralds.

Lily Earrings.  So simple and clean.

 I love pieces with vintage sacred medals.  What worship did they inspire?  Depth Earrings:  these are lovely, yet edgy. 

 Earrings:  never leave home without them!