Thursday, November 10, 2011


I wanted to remind you of the Randall Cooper High School Arts and Crafts Fair this Saturday, November 12, from 10-4.  This juried show started 3 years ago and has been hugely successful.   There are over 100 vendors to chose from and despite requests for the Fair to expand and increase the number of artists, the organizers have declined and been very selective about who will be featured.  I've been there since the beginning and it's one of my very favorites.  

I sold out of a lot of things at the Birds of a Feather Fair which is a great problem to have.  Don't worry, I've replenished the inventory with even more incredible vintage elements!  I remember when I first started making jewelry I would painstakingly detail and inventory every piece so I could replicate it when it sold.  I soon found my heart just wasn't into mass-producing the same exact design and presenting it as unique.  Now I just make it, photograph it, throw it up on Etsy, and move on.  Not relying too much on previous designs gets my creative juices flowing and the results make for an eclectic inventory of pieces that go well together without getting too commercially "matchy matchy."  I'd love for you to see the new pieces up close and in person.

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