Monday, July 22, 2013

Etched Brass Disc Bracelet

All of my In Small Spectacles pieces work nicely together without looking too "matchy."  If you own several pieces and lay them out together you'll find you have an eclectic collection.  My newest design, etched brass disc bracelets, will work wonderfully with other etched and non-etched  pieces you already have.

All of my favorite etchings represented in this bracelet


I will continue to make more and add them all at once later this week.  As always, I am thankful for your interest!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Burlington Antique Show

We all know that "vintage" is in.  It's everywhere:  in housewares, clothing, accessories, etc.  But if you look closely, most items labeled "vintage" are simply vintage-inspired.  Vintage and vintage-inspired are two entirely different things.  With faux vintage, something is missing;  an untold story and workmanship not found today, real wear-and-tear.  They're posers.

If like me you enjoy art, textiles, findings, and architectural elements that wear a true patina, the kind that is applied by loving hands, weather, use, and Father Time, you love to go to antique shops and shows.  Now a lot of places call themselves "antique shops" but really they just sell other people's junk;  some of it isn't even vintage but just a few years old.  And let's get real, a lot of these "antique shops" resemble a hoarder's living room or garage and frankly, I wouldn't bring any of it home.

The county I live in has a wonderful Spring/Summer Antique Show at the local fairgrounds the third Sunday of every month, and I wrote about it last summer.  I drag bring my entire family with me when I go and while they may moan and groan on the way there, the truth is in the end everyone will admit to having had a great time looking at the most incredible vintage finds.  Not all of us bring something home- I am usually the most successful-but it's fun thinking of ways to utilize all the antique goodies in our everyday, modern lives.

Here's a great episode about the Burlington Antique Show featured on the show "Market Warriors."  Enjoy!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Etched Brass Earrings

The new etched brass earrings have been listed in the Etsy shop.  They look perfect paired with other etched In Small Spectacles pieces.  And like all of my earrings, they are incredibly comfortable to wear!




I've got several new design ideas in my head and am just waiting for an opportunity to translate these ideas to actual pieces.  Our schedule during the Summer shows no sign of letting up despite the school break; I always seem to fill in those "free" hours with something else as equally important. But please do check in periodically as I will eventually get to these new pieces!
Thanks for stopping by!