Monday, November 5, 2012

The Fringe

I live in a county that has an awesome monthly Antiques Fair during the Spring and Summer.  The vendors do an incredible job of providing us with very unique vintage wares.  It is located in the county's large fairgrounds, so some of the vendors set up in the horse stables.  I came across one stable all the way at the very end that had this unusual strand of glass beaded fringe sitting on top of a pile of Victorian house locks and keys.  I stopped dead in my tracks: 

At first I thought this was an old strand of Christmas lights, but I was informed that it is a late 1800's fringe that was used to decorate lampshades.  The glass beads are such a vibrant color with unique carved markings.  The fringe isn't cloth but braided brass metal.  How cool is that?

I had to have it.  My hearbeat quickened at the thought of what I could do with the beads and the braided brass fringe.  I wired some with vintage metal tassels and hung them from bracelets made with austrian crystal rhinestone brass chain, bronze and shiny gold chains, hand aged rhinestones, and gemstones and solid brass vintage beads.  I think the end result is very different and eclectic:
Amethyst and freshwater pearls

Amethyst, green onyx, carnelian, and turquoise howlite

Freshwater pearls and turquoise howlite

  Tiger eye, agate, and carnelian


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