Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer 2013 Jewelry Affaire

Earlier this week I received my artist's copy of  "Jewelry Affaire" Summer 2013 available July 1st.  So thrilled to have a two-page article devoted to my etched cuffs!  You can order a copy online or go to your area's bookstores and craft supply stores. 

I finished a batch of solid brass etched pendants embellished with vintage keys and rhinestone.  .

I was able to list a handful of them on the Etsy site and I dropped of a load of them at Kelly Lane Boutique in Lebanon, Ohio

I am currently working on etched brass earrings that will work nicely with other In Small Spectacles pieces.  I will post about those as soon as I finish them.....and have a free moment in what has been a most-crazy summer.
As always, thanks for your interest!

Friday, June 14, 2013

What Is It? Contest

These past few weeks have most certainly been busy, but I have been able to squeeze out enough time in between Summer Fun and Summer Shows to make some new designs.  I used an element not commonly found in jewelry supply shops and I thought it would be fun to start a Contest to see if you could determine what it is.  Here's the deal:
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  • Find the Contest post and enter your answer in the comment section of that post.  This will automatically give you the chance to win one of the key necklaces pictured below.
  • Son #3, who has a birthday this weekend, will pick the winner from among the correct answers on Monday evening when I'll announce the winner.
  • Feel free to "Share" the Contest on your Facebook page, your friends' Facebook page, and anyone else you think who would love one of these:
QUESTION:  What do you think these etched brass pendants were?

I etched them with Scripture, Gothic script, music scores, tapestries, etc.

They aren't what you think they are
I added keys and huge solid brass vintage jump rings....

....and vintage West German crystal beads....

....and added bronze tone etched cable chain.

Super edgy and industrial looking and the crystals and rhinetsones soften the whole look.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Guessing!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Next Up...

Finished Arts on the Green Fine Arts and Crafts Festival yesterday on a high note:


Now onto....
Hope to see you there!