Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer 2013 Jewelry Affaire

Earlier this week I received my artist's copy of  "Jewelry Affaire" Summer 2013 available July 1st.  So thrilled to have a two-page article devoted to my etched cuffs!  You can order a copy online or go to your area's bookstores and craft supply stores. 

I finished a batch of solid brass etched pendants embellished with vintage keys and rhinestone.  .

I was able to list a handful of them on the Etsy site and I dropped of a load of them at Kelly Lane Boutique in Lebanon, Ohio

I am currently working on etched brass earrings that will work nicely with other In Small Spectacles pieces.  I will post about those as soon as I finish them.....and have a free moment in what has been a most-crazy summer.
As always, thanks for your interest!

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