Sunday, July 14, 2013

Burlington Antique Show

We all know that "vintage" is in.  It's everywhere:  in housewares, clothing, accessories, etc.  But if you look closely, most items labeled "vintage" are simply vintage-inspired.  Vintage and vintage-inspired are two entirely different things.  With faux vintage, something is missing;  an untold story and workmanship not found today, real wear-and-tear.  They're posers.

If like me you enjoy art, textiles, findings, and architectural elements that wear a true patina, the kind that is applied by loving hands, weather, use, and Father Time, you love to go to antique shops and shows.  Now a lot of places call themselves "antique shops" but really they just sell other people's junk;  some of it isn't even vintage but just a few years old.  And let's get real, a lot of these "antique shops" resemble a hoarder's living room or garage and frankly, I wouldn't bring any of it home.

The county I live in has a wonderful Spring/Summer Antique Show at the local fairgrounds the third Sunday of every month, and I wrote about it last summer.  I drag bring my entire family with me when I go and while they may moan and groan on the way there, the truth is in the end everyone will admit to having had a great time looking at the most incredible vintage finds.  Not all of us bring something home- I am usually the most successful-but it's fun thinking of ways to utilize all the antique goodies in our everyday, modern lives.

Here's a great episode about the Burlington Antique Show featured on the show "Market Warriors."  Enjoy!


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