Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Day in My Life...

Another really great show today with several In Small Spectacles repeaters which makes my heart sing.  I love it when someone likes a piece so much they come back for another....or several!  It's an honor, really.  These pictures are better than the others that were taken with a camera phone.  IPhone are great and can do a lot of things, but nothing beats a "real" camera to get the job done.   

The OOAK Salvaged Chandelier Crystal Assemblage Necklaces are dwindling fast. 

So are the etched demi-cuffs with vintage metal tassels, rhinestones, and sacred medals.

A blue enamel sacred medal with matching lapis blue stones.

Solid brass corsage bracelets:  Prom Night 24/7.

Sometimes I look at something a while and decide to "tweak" it a bit.  This time I added some Swarovski crystal rhinestone chains set in solid brass around the bezel.  Just what the doctor ordered!  

I had more room, so I was able to incorporate my dress form which my boys have affectionately named "Ruth" after my grandmother whose sewing and jewelry remnants are what I initially fiddled with and brought In Small Spectacles into existence.  One man wanted to buy the clothes!

I made a few garlands using some brown and gold sparkle tulle and added the vintage chandelier crystals I was unable to use.   

Women really love lingering over the bowl of vintage clusters.  Can't blame them.  It's fun to make a necklace yourself and that is one of a kind!

I have a week off for other creative endeavors, namely decorating for a banquet.  My next show is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I'll put out a reminder.  Until then, look for new updates because I just got a HUGE lot of vintage Japanese copper and brass tube chain and have big plans for it.  I'm also going to spruce up my work room a bit, so I'll post pictures of that as well.

As always, thanks for checking in!


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