Saturday, November 5, 2011

Earrings Earrings Everywhere

What woman doesn't love earrings?  Even if you're running late in the morning you still manage to find time to throw a pair on.  They are like lipstick and mulch:  they complete the look.  I have even met women who don't like to wear jewelry (apparently there are some that exist) but if they do, almost all say the only jewelry they'll wear are earrings.  Ear baubles are perfect last-minute gifts and are always well-received. 

Earrings never fail.

I tend to create the way God loaded the ark and my sons have sorted their Halloween candy:  by kind.  I go on necklace-making sprees or a week focused on bracelets.  Today was The Day of Earrings.  In between laundry, refereeing several wrestling matches in the Playroom, and chauffeuring The Boys around town, I made some earrings and listed them in the Etsy Shop:

These would be great bridal earrings.  So pretty and feminine. 


 Crystalline Green earrings.  The next best thing to real emeralds.

Lily Earrings.  So simple and clean.

 I love pieces with vintage sacred medals.  What worship did they inspire?  Depth Earrings:  these are lovely, yet edgy. 

 Earrings:  never leave home without them!


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