Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Time is Here

It's officially Christmas Time, at least according to my calendar sensibilities.  The retail world completely bypassed that middle child, Thanksgiving, with barely a glance at Halloween and dove straight into that time of the year that makes department stores giddy. 

I don't much like the frenzied Christmas with expectations of expensive gifts, crazy scheduling, and culinary demands (I'd rather clean my baseboards then bake a batch of cookies).  I like the awe-filled Christmas that pauses to wonder at the Grace that took on human flesh for our redemption.  The one that teaches my sons about sacrifice and how much they are loved by the Creator.  Twinkling lights and flying reindeer are nice, but they won't get you through the pearly gates.

With all that said, I do want to remind you that I'll be at the Northpointe Elementary Winter Wonderland this Saturday from 10-2.  After that, it's just one more show (trunk show with details to follow soon) before the Christmas and the end of 2011. I added more solid brass, loaded demi-cuffs to the inventory after they sold out:

And some more antique cabinet key bracelets that always seem to fly out the door:

Each is priced reasonably so you can be proud to give a piece that is unique and handcrafted with attention to detail without feeling like you've been gouged.  There may even be enough left over in your wallet for something for yourself!

Merry Christmas!


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