Sunday, May 1, 2011

There's Still Time!

Get thee over to Art Fest tomorrow (Sunday, noon-6pm) if you have a chance.  I was able to walk around a few times and there are some awesome artisans-the collections are so unique and varied.  I even bought a fabric necklace made from upcycled textiles from another artist because I don't sew and well, it was uber-cool.  I am up in the Mezzanine by Dewey's Pizza and adjacent to Bar Louie.  There's a bench right across from me where all the husbands waited while their wives tried on my jewelry, so that worked out nicely. 

I love showing and explaining the pieces I make to others and I had my sweet friend Jessica to help, but whew, it gets tiring after 11 hours.  And to think that I did this every Saturday (13 hr. open/close) and Sunday and in the evenings in a fine jewelry store during 3 inch heels... and still went out afterwards.  Ugh, what 20 years later does to you.

Stop by and say hello and take a look-see around the entire venue for gift ideas because Mother's Day is NEXT WEEK!



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