Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Something Special for Someone Special

All of my boys have attended a local preschool since it first opened six years ago.  This will be our final year there, and let me tell you I am more than a little traumatized at the thought that I won't get to see these sweet ladies every week.  I have not one bad thing to say about the school.  Not.  One.  Thing.  Anyone who pours themselves into my children with as much love as they do are automatically Numero Uno in my book.  And I don't think they get paid hardly enough, if you don't count sweet 3 & 4 year old hugs and kisses which are really priceless if you ask me.

All of the teachers have been very encouraging of my jewelry and one asked me to make her something using a cow tag from her grandparents' farm.  Having never lived on or near a farm-come to think of it, I don't know if I've ever even seen a cow up close and in person- I had no idea what size a cow tag would be.  They are quite large and heavy and hers looked to be a solid material and showed such a lovely patina, paint included.

I thought shine and sparkle were in order and here's what I came up with. 

These pictures serve as a reminder to savor the time I have with my little ones while I can and not wish these years away because they go by at warp speed and take your heart along with them!


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