Sunday, May 8, 2011

Featured Etsy Shop

"You walked in, I woke up
I've never seen a pretty girl look so tough
Baby, you've got that look"

I'd like to feature another Etsy seller with whom I have received excellent service and the item more than exceeded my expectations:  Art of Spirit Leatherworks, by Kathy Fowler.  I ordered this bracelet in both brown and black a couple of years ago, and LOVE IT! 

I have very small wrists, so I requested that the bracelet be a bit smaller than normal.  Actually, I think I just gave Kathy my wrist measurement and she figured out what size to make the bracelet.  It arrived quickly, especially considering it was made to order.  The bracelet is made from very heavy leather and embossed with a lovely vine design.  The double snap closure is super-strong. 

I wear this bracelet all the time with the pieces that I make, even other bracelets like this:

I love the toughness of the leather matched with the antique elements of my jewelry, the organic leather accenting the gleam of aged brass, sparkle of czech glass, and creaminess of glass and freshwater pearls.  It's like bohemian biker chic meets tea party;  everything rounds each other out rather nicely.  A great way to introduce edgy to your wardrobe. 

Leather is very popular now-I am seeing it everywhere-but I believe this is truly a better bang for your buck than the trendy ones at Target or Macy's that have flimsy leather and glued-on rhinestones.  I doubt you'd get two years of good wear out of those. 

Head on over to Aos Leather and tell them In Small Spectacles sent you!


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