Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This Just In!

I would post more and I would make more jewelry, but I've been hammered with the usual end-of-the-school year activities and the very last preschool graduation *SNIFF*.  I would also blame it on the boys' soccer games and practices, but I would be lying as it's so gosh darn wet and muddy that the powers that be keep canceling everything on me.  I suppose it takes some time to keep up with what is still on and what has been cancelled, so I will use it as a legitimate excuse.

I've listed more items in the Etsy Shop, so slosh on over there and take a look.  Here's a sample:

This made it to an Etsy Treasury HERE

After things slow down I'll be making more, posting more, and moving the Studio to another space which will be bigger, have better light, and cable TV to keep me connected with the outside world while I'm knee-deep in glass and brass.

Enjoy this green Spring and all the relief in your water bill that free watering (aka RAIN) brings!


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