Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning

You know that phrase "you can never have too much of a good thing?"  I would say that's a correct statement except when your house is systematically being overrun with beads, lockets, glass domes, vintage buttons, jump rings, Chandelier Crystals, Brass Filigrees, WIRE, CHAIN, KEYS, PEWTER CROSSES, ESCUTCHEONS, RHINESTONES, TOGGLE CLASPS....whew!  I suppose technically you can have too much jewelry, but I guess that would depend on your definition of "enough."  I love jewelry, simple as that.   It doesn't have to be expensive or designer, just something I appreciate.  I have enjoyed accessories my entire life.  When we were little, you could tell the difference between me and my twin sister in our pictures by who was wearing the beads-that would be me. 

You know you have a lot when Boy 2 says "Mommy you have so much jewelry, I bet you could wear a new piece everyday and you wouldn't have a repeat for years!"  Now in all fairness to me, let it be said that I save every piece of jewelry I have ever worn, have inherited, been gifted, or have made that hasn't been sold.  And I worked in fine jewelry in college.  That's a boatload after @&-some years.  Let me state for the record, though, that I can in no way be classified as a hoarder.  It may be a lot, but it's an organized lot.  Even Niecy Nash doesn't sort by color.

My attorney husband has thus far been very tolerant of my passion.  He didn't even protest when, in Hitler-in-the-Rhineland fashion, I took over his study and relegated all-things-legal to the basement.  Like Hitler, I would've retreated if France, my husband in this case, took a stand.  But he didn't.  Not.  One.  Word.  However, when I suggested that I run a second Etsy site to serve as a destash, well, he suddenly got very verbal.  "What a great idea!"  "That's a good plan!"  "Do you need me to help sort?"  Things get a little weird when Chatty Cathy is volunteering to sort beads. 

It's true, I do need to make way for new stuff, new designs, new materials.  So I just slashed prices on a ton of older pieces on the Etsy site HERE.  It's most of the shop but I have just as much that I haven't listed.  I'll list those after the Art on the Levee show at the end of April.  I'll also post with the secondary Etsy site information.

Support Spring Cleaning.  Be fruitful and multiply your jewelry collection. 


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