Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And Another Thing...

...about Etsy:  Their homepage features a collection of 12 items that an Etsy member has assembled according to themes, textures, colors, etc.  This collection, or "Treasury," changes hourly and it is a real coup to have one of your items featured on the Front Page.  I have always wanted one of my items featured on the Front Page as it generates traffic to your store and hopefully, sales.  An employee of Etsy picks the Treasury to be featured, so it really depends on that Treasury collection as a whole instead of an Etsy person just liking your one item.  Once you have an item featured on the Front Page, you can label it as such which is really impressive.  At least I think so. 

This Front Page is so competitive, so important to Etsians, that there is a website, Craft Cult, devoted to the statistics of your page:  How many people "favorited" your store or a particular item, and if a treasury you've created or a treasury featuring one of your items has hit the Front Page.  We Etsy sellers live for the favorites....and the sales.  This site is considerably easier to decipher than Web Analytics and is very helpful as we can't visit Etsy every hour of every day to see if we've made the Front Page.  Well, most of us can't.

I have found that the more prominent your presence in the Treasury realm of Etsy, the more likely you are to get shop traffic and be featured in another's Treasury.  I have made a bunch of Treasuries and been featured in some as well.  Here's the link to them, if you're interested.

I hope you've had a chance to peruse Etsy since my last post, have enjoyed your time exploring the incredible goodies there, and have committed to buying handmade forevermore, never to darken the doorstep of another mall or retail chain without first having searched on Etsy. 

Keep quality and creativity alive.  Shop Etsy.


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