Saturday, April 23, 2011

Christmas and Easter

Easter, the holiday in which Christians around the world joyfully celebrate the resurrection of God incarnate, Jesus, thus fulfilling ancient prophecies of a coming savior, his death, and his resurrection.  The death and resurrection of Christ was the purpose of his time here on Earth, and it's our belief in this selfless act that saves our very souls from eternal damnation.  Not quite chocolate bunnies, this is serious stuff. 

For me Easter is the most meaningful holiday to celebrate.  Easter completes the Christmas story.  Without it, Christmas is just another retail-filled time of sparkly lights, Christmas bonuses, and time off from school and work.  Without Easter, Christmas is an empty holiday to celebrate an imposter, a liar.

We often think of Jesus' mother, Mary, only in the context of her being the young mother of God himself.  But do we think about the older woman who watched her firstborn falsely accused and vilified, beaten beyond recognition, and hung on a cross to die a most painful death?  As the mother of boys, my heart can't bear to even think about someone laying one finger on them, let alone what was done to Christ.  Pontius Pilate, Judas, Barabbas, Peter, etc., are all prominent "characters" in the Easter story.  I think Mary's presence at the crucifixion of her son was just as important and resonates with my heart.

I made a line of Madonna and Child pieces of jewelry to commemorate God's incarnation in the form of a little baby, but I think it most appropriate to link it up to Easter as well.  I do hope your Easter is a meaningful time for you as it is for me;  a time of reflection and thanks laced with mercy and grace and all the good and magical stuff of God. 

Now go eat that chocolate bunny's ears off.


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