Monday, April 11, 2011


One of the things I enjoy most in making jewelry is mixing new and different elements together to create a look or a vibe that I haven't made before.  I think it's important to push oneself and try something new;   it increases your skill level in whatever you do and keeps life more interesting and your mind sharp.  My beloved late grandmother always used to say she felt like a 16 year old in an old woman's body.  It was because she never stopping being interested in learning new things.

I will always turn to my old standbys:  aged brass and bronze, czech glass,  Christian medals, vintage objects, and crystal.  But lately I have been drawn to the mixture of earthier and muted elements with those that are shiny, sparkly, blingy. 

The end result makes my heart skip a beat and keeps the joy in creating alive when it can sometimes get stale.  

Keep your mind young.  Challenge yourself and try new things.


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