Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First Impressions

I think presentation makes up a big majority of a person's opinion on anything.  A beautifully-wrapped gift draws oohs and aahs before anyone has even seen what's inside.  You can never redo a first impression. When I show my jewelry in shows, I like to use backdrops that are unusual and unconventional and enhance the age and patina of my pieces.  More often than not I find myself drawn to wrought iron and and trays which are great at setting up little vignettes among a larger display.  People like my displays as much as the jewelry and sometimes that is what initially draws them over.  I am often asked if a certain tray or antique lock set is for sale.  I thought I'd show you a few pictures I just snapped from the last show:

Wrought iron hand to display Madonna and Child solid brass rings.
3 tiered tray to display the solid brass etched corsage bracelets.

Iron tabletop folder stands for the vintage tassel bracelets.
Iron tray for the Madonna and Child solid brass necklaces.

Wood!  How did that get in there?!  Wood trays for the vintage assemblage necklaces.

More vintage assemblage necklaces.

Hoops hanging from more tabletop folder stands.

A cherub and vintage solid brass bowls for the vintage charm necklaces.

A treasure box full of Lockets.  Boy 2 is in charge of the set up for this portion of my display and is very proud of it!  Didn't he do a lovely job?

A mug stand for the mixed media vintage tassel and button bracelets.

I use wire garden bell jars to hang leverback earrings from.  People can pick them up, spin them around, and see all the earrings without any falling off.

More trays.

 Solid brass escutcheon bracelets and solid pewter key vintage assemblage necklaces.  This is my favorite tray.

Paris muslin mannequin and wrought iron mannequin to display the One of a Kind Chandelier Assemblage Necklaces.

As you can see, my love affair with wrought iron and trays has paid off as I just grab something from a counter or wall and incorporate it in my displays at shows.  As a result, no two show displays are the same. 

Still four more shows in October and November and pending ones for December.  Come out and see what display I will use!


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