Wednesday, October 26, 2011


"Flexibility is the key to air power."  My husband with the private pilot's license says this all the time.  Things don't rattle him too much and if best-laid plans have to be abandoned due to an unforeseeable turn of events he trudges on without missing a beat.  I'm not so flexible and while I like to think I can roll with the punches, the truth is change and I don't mix too well.

But in this economy where people watch every penny, the extras sometimes need to have dual purposes and flexibility is a must.  This includes jewelry.  No one wants to fork over good money on pieces they can only use or wear once or with only one outfit.  A pair of earrings is like Thanksgiving turkey:  that bird needs to last a week.   

I got this chain belt and thought of ways I could give it several different looks.  Here's the plain belt:

I took the antique bronze swivel clasps I use on my beaded vintage metal tassel bracelets and added the large vintage metal tassels, vintage metal rhinestones and skeleton keys, and chandelier crystals:

...and thought they would look great not only on the belt like here:


....but these bad boys could go on my purses...

....and could give a face lift to all those keys I can't find locks for...

I have a few of these belts in my Etsy Shop here and the Vintage Charm Clusters here.  Go take a look!

 I think my flexibility has increased exponentially!  My husband would be proud....


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