Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Crown Jewels of Hollywood

I'm kind of indifferent about Elizabeth Taylor as an actress and a person and wasn't distressed at her passing.  I didn't recoil anytime a movie of hers popped up while channel-surfing, I just didn't get too jazzed about her like some.  I guess the married-eight-times and having-an-affair-with-a-married-man thing is a big turnoff for me. BUT she was physically stunning at the height of her stardom and let's face it:  she had killer jewelry:

Said to be internally flawless "The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond"
33.13 carats, D color
(Estimated $2,500,00-3,5000,000)

The "Taj Mahal" Necklace from the 1600's and my favorite piece because I'm all about the tassels lately
(Estimated $200,000-300,00)

Snake Bracelet & Watch by BVLGARI
(Estimated $12,000-15,000)

The "Granny" Necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels
(Estimated $120,000-180,000)

All of these pieces and more can be yours because Christie's is holding a public auction of Taylor's possessions including jewelry, clothing, luggage, art, and more.  So you were wondering what to do with all that loose change?  Now you know.

Actually, she has more than 900 costume jewelry brooches up for online auction with estimates being a reasonable $100-200.  Not bad for a piece of Hollywood glamor.

Let the bidding begin!


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