Sunday, March 4, 2012

Salvaged Chandelier Crystal Assemblage Necklaces

I started making necklaces based on a childhood  memory I had of my twin sister and me playing with my mother's tabletop brass lamp that had dangling chandelier crystals.  We used to hook the crystals on our ears and pretend they were earrings.  I loved them!  I still have those crystals (the lamp too, I can't bring myself to give it away) and I made a necklace for my sister and one for myself using those very same crystals we played with as little girls.  I just think jewelry that has a sentimental element is more special and priceless, even if it isn't viewed as "precious" in the eyes of the jewelry world. 

I only had a couple of my vintage salvaged chandelier assemblage necklaces, so I figured I better go ahead and make more for the upcoming Spring and Summer shows.  I listed some of them tonight in the Etsy Shop.

Here's a sampling of a few:

I love what it does for an outfit.  I wore this to church today!

Each of the necklaces has a large vintage solid brass bead, a rhinestone brass chain, vintage brass chain, a freshwater pearl endcapped in aged bronze filigree, and a solid brass vintage cross.  The salvaged chandelier crystals are also endcapped in large aged bronze filigree.

It's hard to find chandelier crystals that I like and that are in good enough shape to be worn but still show a little patina to give the piece an edge and an antique feel.  But once I come across them, I buy them all! 

Have a great week!


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