Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Necklaces

I just made several new necklaces using some of the various colored jasper nuggets I got this summer.  Since they are nuggets, they are a rougher cut and don't have the shiny facets seen in crystals and other kinds of stones.  It was kind of a fluke, or a shopping coup as I like to call it, how I got them so I didn't want to just throw them into any design.  I knew I wanted to give them a little bling while still highlighting that they are natural stones.  I also wanted them to match other longer In Small Spectacles pieces.  So I paired them with other semi precious stones, rhinestones, and solid brass vintage beads and wired them into a classic design shorter than most of my other necklaces and here's what I came up with:

green jasper, jade, quartz, freshwater pearl, brass, rhinestones

white jasper, freshwater pearl, mother of pearl, vintage crystal, czech glass, brass, rhinestone

pink jasper, chocolate freshwater pearls, tigers eye, vintage glass, czech glass, brass, rhinestone

black jasper, black onyx, black freshwater pearls, mother of pearl, brass, rhinestones

I also listed some earrings earlier today....

...and a couple bracelets....

....and I'm off to make more on this surprisingly quiet Saturday afternoon!

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