Thursday, September 1, 2011

Technology Update

I am pleased to report Toshiba is going to fix my computer as I still have the original receipt and it's so close to the warranty expiration.  I am pleasantly surprised at such a display of customer service!   But my iPod fritzed out.  Gasket blown.

When last I wrote my camera broke and I had to buy another, which I was not satisfied with;  the pictures just weren't coming out as sharp as I'd like.  I am happy to report a third Nikon has been traded in for ....drum roll please..... another Nikon!  Isn't the definition of insanity "doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result?"  Fitting as my life motto is "Crazy gets it done."  Actually, Nikon's images and their sharpness really are great if you get the camera that best fits your needs and you are patient. 

I do believe this new camera will work, so now onto other technological issues:  my 1 year old my computer has broken....two days after the warranty expired.  Then my husband's broke....then my printer.  All this in one week and while I was using them.  It's painful, isn't it? 

I got to thinking in my car today that if I was Caroline Ingalls I would probably be happier because I wouldn't be inconvenienced by all the poorly-constructed technology that breaks.  Instead my mind would be focused on washing my family's laundry by hand, living in a house smaller than my garage, suffering Midwest heat without air conditioning, hauling myself to a well for water, using an outhouse, and enduring dental procedures without Novocain and childbirth without epidurals.  And as I turned up my car air conditioning, I determined that for all my complaining I have it pretty darn good and have been blessed immeasurably. 

But if my iPod breaks I swear I'll blow a gasket.


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