Friday, September 16, 2011

The Greatest Place on Earth

My family and I are not from the area we currently live in; the closest family is a 7 hour car ride away. Living away from family isn't a new concept to this Navy brat, and my husband's military/education/career has also resulted in his being displaced from kin. So quickly making friends in a new town has always been a top priority for us.

When we moved here 11 years ago and first started attending our current church, I was pregnant with my first child. We didn't know a soul. While other first-time mothers were planning their nurseries with their friends, I made my plans long distance via Sprint with my mom. We didn't even have Skype back then! But then one day the women from our new Sunday School class announced they wanted to throw me a baby shower. I had just assumed I wouldn't have one. I couldn't believe that women I barely knew wanted to do this for me. Christ in action.  I wept.  So we had this wonderful co-ed baby shower at The Bridges Farm complete with a huge cake and magic tricks and received enough baby clothes to last a year and blessings to last a lifetime.

Now I am an indoor girl, but every time I am on this farm what little country I have in me comes out.  It has become one of my favorite places and the family that resides there has treated us as family. We have been included in parties, lovely weddings, and swim play dates on this farm. My kids love to feed the goats, look at the horses and cows, pet the baby chicks in the fall, ride in the hay-filled tractor,  pick out our family's pumpkins every year, and run wild.  Fall wouldn't be complete without a trip to The Pumpkin Patch.

Tomorrow they will be included on a regional Farm Tour of 15 exceptional farms and then their regular Fall Farm Tours begin.  In Small Spectacles will have some pieces in their "Out of Your Gourd" Gift Shop along with handmade candles, crafts, and other fun, but tasteful, gifts.  One of the daughters is a talented artist and photographer and will be on-site to capture your family on film and paint your little ones' faces. 

Y'all stop by if you can;  I guarantee you it's worth the trip!


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