Thursday, June 9, 2011

Au Naturale

I mentioned in a previous post how I love to change and experiment with the different elements I work with pretty regularly to keep things fresh and interesting.  More and more often I find that I am drawn to stones and beads made not from machines or man, but by God Himself.  Recently I came across some natural stone beauties which will soon show up in various combinations in the Etsy Shop.  Of course man cut, polished, and carved these lovelies, but God created them and gave man the inspiration, the vision, and the skills to finish them off.  I love how each one is different, each one has its own fingerprint, but they look so awesome together. 

These black rough cut stones have already made their way into a bracelet in the shop.  They remind me of lava stones, but are polished and not as porous.
Boy 2 discovered these wonderful amber shell discs.  I might have passed them over if it weren't for him.  I take help where I can get it!

The translucence of these agates are stunning;  they are like large chunks of labradorite.

And finally, my most favorite lot and a major coup at that.  I found these for a song and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them in a bunch together, with that lovely red clearance tag we've all come to know and love.  How had these been passed up?!  It's destiny:  they were meant for me.  Especially that bottom front one there.  You know, the one in my very favorite color in the whole, wide world:  mustard yellow.  I just may have to keep that to myself! 

Jesus said even “...the stones will cry out...” in praise of him.  This here's the proof.


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