Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Knock, Knock

I think with any life full of little boys, Knock Knock jokes are a given.  Mine is no exception.  Not a car ride goes by without at least one of my boys telling me a Knock Knock joke, and I am so not exaggerating.  Their speciality is to make their own.  And I feel it is my duty as their mother, the one who holds out all hope for them and loves them with every fiber of my being, to cackle right along with them, funny or not.  Here's my current favorite:

Boy 3:  Mommy!  Knock knock!
Me:  Who's there?
Boy 3:  No one.
Me:  No one who?
Boy 3:  Mommy!  You're not supposed to say anything because no one's there!

So it stands to reason that I craft keyhole jewelry, right?  My Mourning Garden Gate Necklace has been a staple in my jewelry line for a couple of years.  But now I'm onto my favorite piece of jewelry:  the bracelet.  Actually I don't have a favorite piece of jewelry, I love all jewelry.  But right now it's the bracelet.  More specifically the keyhole bracelet: 

This is my Entrance Brass Demi Cuff Bracelet made from an aged solid brass escutcheon and vintage chain, a handmade tassel, aged rhinestone, a large new rhinesone button, and a raw brass vintage cross charm. I love the movement of the tassel.  This is such a big look and it's SO COMFORTABLE (I have road-tested it).  Click on over to my Etsy shop to see the more escutcheon pieces...and to order!

When the boys get home from school today I am going to show them how their "humor" has inspired me.  They will be soooo very excited.  And I suspect Knock Knock jokes will abound this evening.

Time to get my cackle on.


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