Friday, March 25, 2011

Blog Part Deux

I have been told by several people that I need to start a blog linked to my jewelry, In Small Spectacles.  At shows, people asked me if I had a blog and the more I said "no," the more I realized that perhaps I needed to add that to the administrative end of the jewelry. 

I always thought of Facebook as a shorthand version of a blog, but it appears a website, Facebook, AND a blog are all necessary in today's craft/art market.  It does make sense as my all-time favorite publication "Where Women Create", which features artists' work spaces, list the artists' Etsy/web pages AND their blogs.  There are also loads of blog panel discussions in the Creative Connection event this Fall so duh, blogging is essential, right?  I already have the website here and the Facebook page here

I think this will be a good thing, though;  it will give me a forum to share other artists' work that I appreciate.  It will allow me to take pictures of the pieces I make in their various stages.  All too often I get into a creative "zone" and am oblivious to my surroundings.  Any documentation will force me to come up for air and make sure my house isn't on fire and my boys are still alive.  As I tell my husband, just give me old stuff, music, and jewelry findings all at the same time and I am a happy camper, which says a lot since I'd rather give birth than camp.  

My new mantra may be "I make, therefore I blog."