Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's All in the Details

Right this very second, 20 solid brass cuffs are in the process of having scroll work, tapestry, Gothic script, Moroccan tiles, musical scores, and The Lord's Prayer etched onto their surface.  I am reminded of a woman who asked me at one of last weekend's art shows why it is I bother etching the back of my bracelets when no one will even see that part.  I told her it's the attention to details that counts and makes a piece more special.

The phrase "the devil is in the details" is often used to describe how overlooked items can cause a plan, idea, of design to fail.  However, I much prefer the phrase "God is in the details" because I find that to be the more positive, accurate, and giving credit where credit is due.  Indeed, not one particle of dust or strand of DNA in every universe, galaxy, and unseen realm exists without God's creative hand. 


It's the attention to detail that I believe glorifies Him.  "Do everything as unto the Lord."  That includes etching the backs of bracelets, improving and learning new techniques, using only solid brass where I can, and getting the highest quality finding or gemstone.  I want the person who buys or is gifted one of my pieces to look down upon it and hopefully see something beautiful pieced together by hands guided by God using His elements.   

Look for these brass beauties and information about a new store in Ohio that will be carrying In Small Spectacles within the next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!