Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Listings

I just posted a handful of new listings and designs in the Etsy Shop.  I have been personally layering a lot of In Small Spectacles pieces with ones I had already owned and love the result.  I either layer bracelets on one arm or necklaces, never both at the same time as that would be a little over the top I think.  One piece I made recently goes very well with a strand of brass beads, pearls, or a simple gold chain:

This piece has loads of vintage goodies on it and is made entirely of solid brass.  It can be lengthened up to an additional 2" and is very versatile.  I'm going to make several more of these with different vintage charms, so be on the lookout for them very soon in the next few days.

Some other new pieces:

Amethyst and garnet art deco brass earrings

One of a kind commemorative brass medal necklace

A shabby chic piece with mother of pearl, river shell, and vintage brass.  Perfect for Spring!

As always, thank you for your interest and stopping by!


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