Saturday, April 6, 2013

I feel like a pleasing environment is very important when creating.  Scents, sights,and sounds can make a huge difference for me.  So day or night, whenever I am busy creating new pieces I have this candle burning.  It's the candle Anthropologie usually has burning throughout their stores, so if you have ever wondered what that lovely scent was, this is it. And when the candle is completely gone you are left with a beautiful mercury glass container in which to store your bathroom supplies, rhinestones, jewelry, or other odds ends.

It's almost a certainty that I have music playing during my waking hours.  Good tunes make mundane tasks like laundry, cooking, cleaning, and time in the car much more tolerable, don't you think?  Sites like Pandora are excellent for getting a continuous stream of music going that you may not already own or without having to get up or move to change cd's. You just type in a band or song you like and Pandora will create and save a "radio station" for you that plays songs/artists that are similar to the one you typed in. It's also a great source to discover new music.

What are some of your "musts" required in creating an optimal work environment?

Enjoy your weekend,