Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vintage Rhinestone Shoe Clips

I had two great weekends of fabulous art shows, one outside Louisville, KY and another in historic Lebanon, Ohio.  By far the favorite things were my vintage rhinestone shoe clip etched cuffs which are edgy without being dark or weird.  I love the juxtaposition of the clean and bright bling of the rhinestones set against the rough and worn brass cuffs.  

I etch 1" solid brass cuffs with gothic script, tapestry designs, florishes, or tiles....


...and add vintage metal tassels, rhinestones, lockets, and brass crosses on one end.

They hang so nicely and make a smashing profile that catches the eye but is actually very user-friendly.
I met some great artists and some opportunities developed for new stores to carry In Small Spectacles pieces.  So excited!  I'll let you know which ones they are once details are finalized.  I'm also in the process of listing more pieces in the Etsy Shop, so check back to see those.

Thanks for stopping by!